New music making program to compete with GarageBand

Former head of Virgin Records developed a new way to make music to compete with GarageBand and iTunes.

Grammy award-winning producer/songwriter Matt Serletic of Music Mastermind, recently launched a new platform for sharing and creating music: Zya.

Zya is designed to look like a video game and allows users to combine pieces of popular songs and vocal stylings of famous musicians to create their own music. Music can then be shared with others and will one day will be available for sale.

Serletic has a great idea, but can he compete with GarageBand, which is already widely popular and available on Apple computers and through iTunes? Serletic thinks so. As Forbes reports, "He's already partnered with HP to have Zya pre-installed on select computers and is working on partnerships with other PC-makers."

Serletic talks about all of the great features of Zya in this clip:

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