New Nook coming from Barnes & Noble May 24th

An invitation from Barnes & Noble sent to media outlets today hints that the company is planning a major announcement for next week.

A day after Barnes & Noble announced that its Nook Color App Store had surpassed 1 million downloads, the company says that it is readying another major annoucement: A new Nook.

That's the takeaway from an invitation Barnes & Noble sent out to media outlets today, which hints a special announcement set to be made on May 24th.

Of course, the existence of a new Nook has been known since early this month, when an SEC filing filed by Barnes & Noble appeared online. The filing specifically mentioned the launch of a new eReader device on May 24th. Today's invitation, then, was really a confirmation of what many were already aware of.

What's less certain is what Barnes & Noble's new e-reader will look like. Currently most speculation points to an upgrade to the black and white version of the Nook, which makes sense considering that Barnes & Noble just upgraded the Nook Color in April. In any case, we will find out next week.