New - Nuggets: Our daily products brief

Every week day on ZDNet UK News there will be a new Nugget provided by our very own gadget man, Mr Justin Pearse. Each day Justin will tell us what the technology firms are planning to tempt us with, be it hardware or software.

At the end of the month we will provide a roundup of our favourites and, if you're lucky, may even provide you with the opportunity to win them.

Heard a rumour about a plan for a new gadget or software? Seen a device on your travels you weren't sure about? Tell 'Nuggets' and we'll spread the word.

USB gets its very own dongle....

The USB bandwagon continues to roll with news that Iomega is developing a new adapter for its Jaz drives with a Universal Serial Bus interface. In addition to those fruity iMacs the Jaz USB dongle will be compatible with all USB-enabled PCs running Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0. Looking remarkably similar to the existing Jaz SCSI cable, the USB dongle will, once the accompanying software has been installed, recognise the Jaz drive on-the-fly without the need to reboot.

The Jaz USB dongle is expected in the US in the second quarter of 1999, no UK release date or price has been announced.

A keyboard that tilts?

The Keyflip keyboard is a rather strange new offering from US firm, Key Technologies which devotes all its efforts to hardcore pinballers.

The keyboard has lateral push buttons located top left and right to operate flippers, which can also be used for driving objects. Microswitches inside each lower corner allow players to nudge and tilt a pinball machine or, if you're playing other games, for actions such as jumping and bending. The company claims the Keyflip will work with all PC models, although it is incompatible with Macs at present.

If you really want one the Keyflip is available now for £29.95.