New product measures your brainwaves, focus

Want to improve your focus? Measure your brainwaves.

We all have ideas about how well we work in different situations. We might tell ourselves we're better workers at night or concentrate better with blaring background music. But are we really that much more focused after a yoga session? Does classical music help you study? What if you could measure how well you focus in different environments?

That's the idea behind a new product on Kickstarter: Melon.

The product is a sleek headband, with an accompanying mobile app, that wirelessly measures your brain activity using EEG (electroencephalography). With algorithms, the data the headband collects is turned into personalized feedback on your focus and tips for improvement. Basically, you tell the app what you're doing -- studying math and listening to classical music, for example -- and the app provides a real-time look at your focus level. If it dips too low, the app provides tips on how to improve focus -- take five deep breaths. The more you use the app, the more it can tell you about the activities you do and the environments you do them in which your focus is highest.

This video explains more:

Check out Melon on Kickstarter.

[Via TechCrunch]

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