New QOOQ tablet cooks up a storm in the kitchen

QOOQ, the first 10 inch tablet to be produced outside of Asia has been launched for the English speaking home cooking market.

French based company UNOWHY has released the English version of QOOQ. It is aimed specifically for cooks who use tablets to access recipes and videos in the kitchen.

QOOQ tablet
Credit: QOOQ


QOOQ, retailing at $399 brands itself as ‘The real multimedia tablet’ offering all the standard multimedia functions that other tablets have.

You can still browse your social channels, listen to the radio, surf the Internet. You can watch movies, listen to music or look at your photos.

Each QOOQ comes preloaded with 1,000 international recipes that can be accessed by cuisine type, difficulty level, preparation time and ingredients.

You can customise the cooking experience to suit the chef and their kitchen.

Users can purchase additional recipes, which are available individually or in themed packs and are focused on such topics as a destination, an ingredient or a specific chef. There is a catalogue of over 4,000 multimedia recipes made for QOOQ by more than 100 chefs.

Credit: QOOQ

 You can load any other files you want onto your QOOQ using Wi-Fi 802.11, there is an Ethernet port, an SD / SDHC memory card reader and a high speed USB 2.0 port.

This tablet has TFT LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect. It weighs 1.8 pounds and uses capacitive touch technology. It has an ARM Cortex A9 Dual core to 1 Ghz Memory capacity: 8 Go Processor running Linux / QT

The slip proof studs and legs ensure that the tablet stays put on the kitchen counter and the retractable support holds the tablet in the right aspect on the kitchen counter top

The timer on the QOOQ dashboard shows you how much time you have left to cook your food, you can select your list of favourite foods, and the foods you hate. Over time, the tablet will learn your culinary profile and give you personalised suggestions for meals.

It even offers suggestions for meals that you would prefer that match your taste. If you are short on inspiration then a recipe based on your tastes will be suggested. The tablet comes preloaded with 1000 recipes, videos and how-to techniques.

From the recipe you have selected you can generate an interactive shopping list, organised by supermarket aisles so you can shop for the recipes without crisscrossing the store.

You can remove items that you already have in your cupboard. The list is sent to you by email to take to the supermarket.

Jean-Yves Hepp, inventor of QOOQ and President and Founder of UNOWHY. says

“We saw an opportunity to merge technology and content to create a richer and more tactile form of recipe preparation. The QOOQ tablet offers users interaction with top chefs and allows them to learn every nuance of their favourite dish, helping them improve their own talents, making life simpler in the kitchen,”

Unlike any other computer, QOOQ is spill-proof, thanks to its 10.1-inch splash-proof mineral glass screen that is 60% thicker than other touchscreens.

The tablet also has waterproof buttons and non-slip feet. Unlike classic tablets, that are often fragile, the QOOQ tablet resists humidity and heat and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and works even when hands are covered in oil or fat.

At $399 it is a good competitive option to iPad and Surface, its rugged build, thicker screen and dirty-hands proofing makes it eminently suitable for those small sticky hands that are desperate to get their hands on your iPad.

And with a QOOQ the kids will not be able to purchase from iTunes without your knowledge either.