New security scanner from British NT guru

The British creator of top security product NT InfoScan has released a new and improved version of the tool now optimised for Unix renamed the "Cerberus Internet Scanner" (CIS)

Security specialist David Litchfield of security firm Cerberus released the original version of NT InfoScan in February and it quickly became one of the most popular downloads at the well respected security site SecurityFocus.

The new scanner, which is available from the Cerberus Web site will feature a range of enhancements including CGI testing along with improved testing of Portmapping, SMTP and POP3 features, although the most notable enhancement is Unix compatibility.

"It does about 3 times as many tests as before," says Litchfield. "One thing that I am particularly proud of is that you can go from the Unix prompt to dump RPC. NT InfoScan became one of the top six scanners at Security Focus and I was rather chuffed with that. Hopefully this one will be as successful."