New Windows 10 April 2018 Update patches: That Chrome-breaking bug just got fixed

Microsoft rolls out its second June update for the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Video: Microsoft reveals why some bugs aren't fixed right away.

Following this month's Patch Tuesday cumulative update for the latest version of Windows, Microsoft has released another update to address a long list of glitches.

Users with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, version 1803, have a new update KB4284848, which moves them up to OS Build 17134.137.

The update from June 12 fixed some rather serious issues, including black-screen problems, a BitLocker firmware glitch, and an issue with QuickBooks.

However, the new update addresses a problem that has been causing the latest version of Chrome to stop working on some devices.

Google released Chrome 67.0.3396.79 in early June, but it and later updates have apparently been having problems reminiscent of the Chrome glitches that surfaced when Microsoft first released version 1803.

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The Microsoft update also includes fixes for streaming and media problems. The Video Settings HDR streaming calibration slider wasn't working for some due to "a conflict with the panel brightness intensity settings configured by certain OEMs".

There have also been compatibility problems with some live TV streaming content providers while some Media Center generated content wasn't working after installing the 1803 update. These should be fixed in this update.

Microsoft also lists that problems with the App-V platform for delivering virtual applications was slowing "many actions in Windows 10".

There are two Remote Desktop issues addressed in this update that may have frustrated workers attempting to use remote applications.

There are no known issues in this update, but Microsoft has addressed two known issues from the June 12 update.

One caused an error message when users accessed files or running programs from a shared folder using the SMBv1 protocol. Microsoft has stopped including it in Windows 10 by default due to security concerns. The error is 'An invalid argument was supplied'.

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The other known bug is one that has caused Microsoft Edge to stop working when it initializes the download of certain fonts.

Finally, this update irons out performance issues with Windows Mixed Reality on some laptops with hybrid graphics adapters, such as the Surface Book 2.

Users can install the update through Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, and then select Check for updates. Or a standalone package for the update is available at the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

Other issues addressed in this update include:

  • An issue in which SmartHeap didn't work with UCRT.
  • An issue that causes Appmonitor to stop working at logoff if the Settingstoragepath is set incorrectly.
  • An issue that causes Appmonitor to stop working at logoff, and user settings are not saved.
  • An issue where client applications running in a container image don't conform to the dynamic port range.
  • An issue where the DNS server might stop working when using DNS Query Resolution Policies with a Not Equal (NE) condition.
  • An issue with T1 and T2 custom values after configuring DHCP failover.
  • An issue that may cause Microsoft Edge to stop working when it initializes the download of a font from a malformed, not RFC-compliant, URL.
  • An issue where some users may receive an error when accessing files or running programs from a shared folder using the SMBv1 protocol. The error is 'An invalid argument was supplied'.
  • An issue that causes Task Scheduler tasks configured with an S4U logon to fail with the error: 'ERROR_NO_SUCH_LOGON_SESSION/STATUS_NO_TRUST_SAM_ACCOUNT'.

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