New Wipro VDI faces perception challenges

Wipro released a cloud product to manage and distribute virtual desktops, but the company may first need to break out of its IT services stereotype in order for it to succeed.

Wipro released a new cloud product to manage and distribute virtual operating environments that can be accessed from a user's desktop.

In a statement on April 25, the company announced the Wipro virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software, which was built on the Cisco and NetApp FlexPod infrastructure, based on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) technology.

It's the first service hosted on the Wipro iStructure cloud platform, according to Wipro Data Center Services president and CEO, Pinaki Kar. iStructure was launched last year as a key initiative for Wipro to move up the value chain.
"Enterprises are looking for tailored, cloud based solutions such as Wipro-hosted VDI," Kar said in the statement.
In an e-mail interview with ZDNet, Forrester vice president and country manager for India, Manish Bahl, said Wipro would face challenges to win customers.
"It's just like any other standard VDI offering available in the market today," Bahl said.
The key challenge for Wipro will be how to position itself as a strong contender in the VDI space as end-user organizations do not view Wipro that way, he added.
If Wipro can overcome these perceptions, there is a big opportunity to help CIOs better manage their operations.
"To gain competitive edge this is where vendors need to be more focused on--rather than providing standard desktop virtualization type services."