New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

Windows Phone 7 is an amazing smartphone platform that people just seem to be unwilling to try. Why aren't people picking up WP7 smartphones?

We don't have any official sales numbers from Microsoft, carriers, or OEMs on Windows Phone sales, but as Ricardo posted there is some analyst research that indicates they haven't been selling like hotcakes or anything. Despite the apparent lackluster sales, my Dell Venue Pro is still my primary T-Mobile device. I know none of the Windows Phone 7 hardware has the latest and greatest specs, but they are rock solid stable, games are awesome, email is wonderful, Zune music changes the way you listen and enjoy music, and they get the job done. I seriously do not understand why they are not selling better and everyone I show it to or that I know has bought one loves it. Is it a matter or marketing or what?

AT&T and HTC announced the HD7S back in March and as reported by Rachel today it will launch on 5 June for $199.99. AT&T already has three other Windows Phone 7 devices, but the HD7 is the top WP7 seller so it is nice to see their customers get this choice now too.

Verizon customers have been waiting for a WP7 device that we saw traces of way back in December. As Mary Jo pointed out today, the HTC Trophy will launch on 26 May for $149.99. This is Verizon's first WP7 device and it looks pretty sweet. I have an eval unit on the way and will cover it more soon.

I know WP7 is lacking some things, such as tethering support, true multi-tasking like Android, and other new high end features, but it is a very enjoyable and refreshing experience that I wish others would try out. I cannot wait to see Nokia hardware (with services like Nokia Maps) running Windows Phone 7 and think they will be killer products.