Newest Twitter phishing attack is not 'rofl'-worthy

Looks like the bad guys are up to it again. Or still.
Written by Jennifer Leggio, Contributor

Looks like the bad guys are up to it again. Or still. Or again. Twitter is being inundated with warnings about a new phishing attempt that tries to take advantage of, you guessed it - user vanity and sense of humor.

The new attempt, after taking hold of a specific user accounts, blasts a series of direct messages (DMs) to trusted, connected users and says something like: "rofl this you on here?" and provides a link to a supposed video site. Sound like our friend Koobface? Sure it does.

Users who receive these DMs should immediately delete them and notify the user who unwittingly sent the DM (don't alert through DM, but through a public message or email). Users who are notified of a compromise on their accounts should immediately change their passwords and also do a scan of their systems, to ward off any other potential malicious coding found on the site they clicked on to get phished in the first place.

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