News Burst: Apple's litigious history

The Macintosh company has been ruthless about prosecuting its imitators -- but now Cobalt may have turned the tables on Apple

If Apple is sued by server appliance manufacturer Cobalt, it will be the latest in a long line of legal entanglements that go back to the creation of the Mac operating system.

More often than not, Apple has accused other companies of stealing its ideas, from Microsoft (over Windows' look and feel) to eMachines (for its iMac-style PCs).

Cobalt alleges Apple copied the design of its Qube line of server appliances for the new G4 Cube. Of course, where it comes to cube-shaped computers, one of the first would have to be the NeXT, launched in 1988 -- but the company was founded by Steve Jobs, and later bought by Apple.

Full story to follow.

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