News Burst: Confusion over 3G's killer app

How are operators going to make their money back, and how long will it take?

Despite believing that mobile operators will need a killer application if they are to recoup the £22bn spent on British third-generation (3G) licences, the UK's mobile industry isn't sure what it will be, according to a survey released Monday by Quotient Communications.

Quotient found that half of those they spoke to believed successful take-up of 3G services hinged on finding a killer application. However, there was little agreement as to what this killer app will be.

Twenty seven percent of those interviewed believe that mobile Internet access will be the most important 3G service. However, 21 percent think that a mobile location application will be more important, while another 21 percent think the killer app hasn't even been invented yet.

Quotient also found disagreement about how long it will take for 3G network operators to recoup the money spent winning a licence. Over half of those interviewed think it will take five years, but 35 percent said operators will have to wait ten years before seeing a return on their investment.

Full story to follow.

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