News Burst: E-envoy to be appointed this week

Will a former IT director at the Inland Revenue be chosen to drive Britain forward in the digital age?

The government will this week appoint Andrew Pinder, a former director of IT at the Inland Revenue, as e-envoy, according to reports Wednesday.

Pinder has been acting as e-envoy since last October, after Alex Allen quit the cabinet office post. Wednesday's Financial Times claims that Tony Blair will name him as a permanent replacement later this week.

Pinder has won praise for his successful implementation of the PAYE system at the Inland Revenue, and has also served as director of systems for Prudential and Citibank.

Full story to follow.

There are lots of ways of filling in computer forms. Every time you install a new piece of software, you probably see a Wizard which does exactly that; takes data from you a bit at a time, and stores it in a Registry. So Guy Kewney asks: why is it that nobody can fill in the Inland Revenue's tax forms online? Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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