News Burst: Intel delays retooled PIII until next year

More woes and delays for chip giant Intel

Intel is gearing up to launch its next-generation Pentium 4 chip as soon as next month, but the chip maker won't ship its recalled 1.13GHz Pentium III chip until next year.

The 1.13 GHz PIII chip, shipped on 31 July, was recalled as a result of technical problems -- officials said the company was recalling the chip due to a problem that could cause certain applications to freeze. At least one analyst expressed the opinion that technical problems might be a result of Intel's incessant chip race with rival AMD.

"We found some marginality in the part within certain temperatures within the operating range and certain code sequences [in applications]," said spokesman George Alfs, when the recall was announced at the end of August. "We're not happy with the chip and we're going to pull it back."

ZDNet UK Staff contributed to this report.

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