News Roundup: Battle of the browsers

Have Netscape and Microsoft rested on their laurels too long?

The browser market is suddenly opening up. NeoPlanet has launched a Mozilla-based browser in a challenge to Navigator 6, and Opera has launched a free version of its popular browser with possible versions for Linux, Mac and BeOS in the pipeline... Read all about it, and choose your browser wisely: NEWS:
Mozilla-based NeoPlanet muscles in on browser act
Thu, 07 Dec As Netscape weathers heavy criticism that it released its latest browser prematurely, competition is heating up Free Opera: Start of something big?
Thu, 07 Dec The Norwegian software maker has made its first free browser available for download. Will Linux, Mac OS, and BeOS versions be next? Opera to fan the browser-war flames
Fri, 01 Dec The Norwegian software maker will next week take the wraps off Opera 5 for Windows - its first free browser Did Netscape jump the gun with new browser?
Fri, 01 Dec Long heckled for being late to market with its new browser, Netscape Communications is now the target of critics who say the company jumped the gun in releasing the browser this month Review: Netscape 6 sets new standard
Wed, 15 Nov Open source browser offers unparalleled customisability, but its lack of LDAP, messaging, and directory support will hurt corporate sales Netscape 6 good as gold
Wed, 15 Nov The first browser brought to you by the Netscape-America Online combination - with help from the open source community - goes live Tuesday. But can it beat Internet Explorer? Experts argue over Netscape 6.0
Wed, 08 Nov Is Netscape 6.0 going to be the best or the buggiest browser on the market? It depends on which of the testers engaged in a very public argument you believe... Have your say instantly, and see what others have said. Click on the TalkBack button and go to the ZDNet News forum. Let the editors know what you think in the Mailroom. And read what others have said.