News Roundup: Champing at the 64-bit

It's been a long wait, but lower-cost 64-bit computer chips are now starting to appear, and could even come to handheld devices
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
64-bit computing is the next big thing -- or at least it is for some of the biggest chip companies out there. Intel is pushing out the long -- very long -- awaited Itanium chip this summer, with first workstations and then servers to appear throughout the year. Meanwhile, the UK's ARM Holdings is looking to use 64-bit technologies in future generations of chips powering handhelds like mobile phones and palmtop computers. Read the latest from ZDNet UK. NEWS
Itanium stays in beta
Fri, 11th May The first IA-64 systems are shipping this summer, but they won't get much farther than development labs ARM wrests 64bit technologies for handhelds
Fri, 11th May UK chip designer ARM will use server technologies, including 64bit and superscalar architectures, to power the next generation of handheld devices 64-bit Itanium to land this month
Fri, 11th May Finally, Intel's 64-bit chip is going to hit the market, after months of delays AMD's 64bit Hammer hits delay
Fri, 04th MayThe first of AMD's next-generation ClawHammer processors will be delayed until late next year -- but Intel can't laugh, as its Pentium 4 is also in trouble Intel looks to software to lift Itanium
Wed, 25th Apr Chip giant enlists Chinese academy for compiler project assistance HP says Intel 64-bit chip ahead of schedule
Wed, 18th Apr Itanium steams ahead of expectations Click here for more in-depth coverage at the ZDNet UK News Specials page.
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