News Roundup: Government gets taste for tech

But are its tech recipes really up to scratch?

The UK government loves hyping up its plans to turn the country into the most wired country in the G7, but does it really know what it is talking about or is it just pre-election hot air? Can we really have the best online government and broadband services or is it just a pipe dream with no basis in reality? And will the government really be able to effectively crack down on Internet crime? Judge for yourself. NEWS:
Portal aims to revolutionise government services
Tue, 20 Feb Government relaunches Web site as part of its online plans BT is holding back Broadband Britain
Mon, 19 Feb It is imperative that the UK government makes BT act, says report Police lack resources for paedophile hunts
Thu, 15 Feb Operation Cathedral has successfully trapped paedophiles across the globe but it may not happen again COMMENT:
Jane Wakefield: Broadband Britain, please stand up
Mon, 19 Feb BT continues to be the 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' of broadband while the government introduces its 'Heineken' approach to the issue Have your say instantly, and see what others have said. Click on the TalkBack button and go to the ZDNet News forum. Let the editors know what you think in the Mailroom. And read what others have said.