News Roundup: Itanium's big day

Intel officially launches the 64-bit chip today, after months of 'soft launch' rollout
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Itanium, Intel's big move into the 64-bit world of high-end servers, gets its official launch this week, after several delays. The move brings Intel up against with entrenched competitors like Sun Microsystems, but if it succeeds the rewards could be great -- and could change the way companies approach their IT infrastructure. NEWS
Itanium begins 64bit move
Monday 28th May Sound the fanfare: Could Intel's long-anticipated Itanium be an IT cost saviour? Intel set to rattle server market with Itanium
Friday 25th May Production versions of long-awaited 64-bit chip are set to ship Microsoft puts 64-bit Windows to the test
Thursday 24th May As Intel prepares to launch its 64-bit Itanium chip, Microsoft will announce a high-end version of Windows XP, ready to challenge Unix First Itanium to have short shelf life
Tuesday 22nd May Itanium servers for the telco market will be largely symbolic until the arrival of the chip's successor 64-bit Itanium to land this month
Friday 11th May Finally, Intel's 64-bit chip is going to hit the market, after months of delays Itanium stays in beta
Friday 11th May The first IA-64 systems are shipping this summer, but they won't get much farther than development labs COMMENTARY
Sun's Sparc fails to shine
The news that Sun's latest UltraSparc III chip has a bug is reminiscent of a similar problem found in Intel's Pentium chips a while back. Perhaps difficulties should be expected -- after all, processors are made up of tens of millions of transistors. Little wonder then that most observers consider the first version of Intel's 64bit Itanium chip to be for evaluation purposes rather than production systems, says Roger Howorth Click for more in-depth coverage at the ZDNet UK News Specials page.
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