News Roundup: LinuxWorld grows up

Strip away the stock market hype, and what's left of Linux? An operating system that could conquer the world. The latest ZDNet coverage from the show floor

With Wall Street's Linux boom on the wane, advocates of the comparatively new operating system have switched to quieter but quite possibly more effective means of conquering the world. Linux companies now are coaxing new business partnerships, gradually winning over new customers, and doggedly hammering out improvements to the software. NEWS:
Market slump to pay dividends for Linux
Fri, 02nd Feb Why Linux community is excited by the fall in technology stocks Linux gets Bluetoothed
Fri, 02nd Feb The penguin loses its wires Microsoft and open source: Lessons learned?
Thu, 01st Feb At LinuxWorld in New York, MS admits that its rivalry with Linux has been highly educational New tool aims to make Linux RAD
Thu, 01st Feb Borland's Kylix would like to be the Visual Basic of Linux application development Linux comes in 188 delicious flavours
Thu, 01st Feb Open source computing could be coming to a handheld near you AMD offers Linux simulator for 64-bit chips
Wed, 31st Jan Intel's arch enemy plane to boost its popularity Sun's latest Java targeted at Linux gadgets
Wed, 31st Jan Appealing to the LinuxWorld crowd, Sun Microsystems debuts a version of Java for set-top boxes, in-car computers and home servers LinuxWorld to have a Big Blue tinge
Wed, 31st Jan IBM goes Linux-tastic at the opening of New York show Latest Linux kernel holds appeal for IT
Wed, 31st Jan The keepers of the Linux operating system have made improvements to the core technology that should make it easier to find lost data LinuxWorld shows software entering adulthood
Tue, 30th Jan Big fish and little fish get together in New York to show off not so fishy Linux wares LinuxWorld: Compaq joins server-clustering fray
Tue, 30th Jan At the all-things-Linux trade show in New York, the leader in Linux server market share will announce new 'clustering' technology for its high-end machines Find out how the open-source movement is revolutionising the high-tech world at the Linux Lounge. Have your say instantly, and see what others have said. Click on the TalkBack button and go to the Linux lounge forum Click here for more in-depth coverage at the ZDNet UK News Specials page. Let the editors know what you think in the Mailroom. And read what others have said.