News to know: 64-bit Windows; JavaFX; Net neutrality; Apple

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: Suddenly, 64-bit Windows is mainstreamDear Adobe, can we please have a 64-bit Flash player?Larry Dignan: JavaFX SDK preview launches: Can Sun play the RIA game?

Notable headlines:

Ed Bott: Suddenly, 64-bit Windows is mainstream

Larry Dignan: JavaFX SDK preview launches: Can Sun play the RIA game?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft launches new search home page; refreshes Live Mesh preview

Gallery: Configuring Virtual PC 2007 to run Windows 3.11 (right)

Paul Murphy: Considering a Windows Innovation Demo

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Network neutrality & Google's openness before the FCC

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Psystar retains Apple-beating law firm

NYT: China to Limit Web Access During Games

Jason O'Grady: VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 2

Nate McFeters: McAfee SiteAdvisor blocks SANS

Deb perelman: Signs you might not be IT management material

WSJ: Google to Extend Reach With Venture-Capital Arm

EIC podcast: Dell's music plans; Microsoft's Mojave; Broadband wars

Gallery: A dragonfly that spies

Larry Dignan: Akamai: Broadband consumption hampers outlook

Jennifer Leggio: SEC unanimously approves use of corporate blogs to meet Reg FD requirementsJoe McKendrick: Any common ground between SOA and Web 2.0?

'Star Trek' communicators free up doctors' time

Dennis Howlett: Intacct reports record growth: the analysis

Dave Greenfield: Seven Pitfalls of Predictive Markets

TechRepublic: 10 ways to increase the productivity of your programmers E-Textile Pants Identify Fall-Prone Elderly

Jennifer Leggio: BreakingPoint adds real-time Twitter traffic protocol to network equipment testing tools

Michael Krigsman: Bank blames user; gets caught

Dana Blankenhorn: Call for a Linux laptop

Tom Foremski: A glimpse into the future of the Internet

Matthew Miller: Qwest now offering Verizon Wireless services

Heather Clancy: Kelley names 2008's greenest cars. Or, another reason to buy a way-cute Mini Cooper.

Intel to deliver 500,000 Classmates to Portugal

Amazon aims to make Mechanical Turk more business friendly

Talkback of the day: Propeller heads unite