News to know: Amazon and SaaS; Firefox memory test; Dell XPS One vs. iMac

Notable headlines:David Morgenstern: Does the Dell PC XPS One top Apple's iMac (are they blind)?Michael Krigsman: IT security failure costs UK agency its chairman.

Notable headlines:

David Morgenstern: Does the Dell PC XPS One top Apple's iMac (are they blind)?

Michael Krigsman: IT security failure costs UK agency its chairman.

George Ou: Ruckus brings smart antennas to the enterprise wireless LAN space

Phil Wainewright: Amazon EC2 offers a shortcut to SaaS. RightScale makes EC2 a better fit for SaaS. Joe McKendrick: The $80 data center: cheap computing or head in the cloud?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Memory test - Firefox vs Firefox 3.0 b 1.

Paula Rooney: Firefox 3 Beta 2 aimed to be code complete by Dec 7. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: First Look: Firefox 3 Beta 1 goes back to basics. Gallery (right). Larry Dignan: Improved security, bookmarking - and stable too.

In zombies we trust.

David Berlind: With one update (or 'tweet'), Zude now cross posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Jaiku all at once

Dana Blankenhorn: Sun OpenSolaris makes nice with Windows. What should be proprietary in open source?

Computerworld: The VA's computer systems meltdown: What happened and why.

Robin Harris: Raptor codes will defeat rapacious telcos

Dan Farber: Vendor Value: Rating the top tech companies.

Larry Dignan: Google: $900 price targets and the ‘most basic element of Internet life Allfacebook: Facebook Removing “Is” From Status Updates?

Garett Rogers: Google transfers domains including

Roland Piquepaille: Telecommuting is good for all of us.

Targeted e-mail attacks spoof DOJ, business group. Images: Customized e-mail attacks.

Christopher Dawson: Devon IT 6030 Series Terminal

GameStop: Disappointing outlook for holiday season. Nintendo offers new DS bundles ahead of holiday.

Google Custom Search goes global.

Ed Burnette: Neat picture: Computer running in a fish tank

Joe McKendrick: How is SOA 'governance' different from SOA 'management'?

GoogleBlogoscoped: What If Gmail Had Been Designed by Microsoft?


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