News to know: Apple; Alex; Microhoo; Droid; FCC

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.

Sam Diaz: Another strong quarter for Apple; credit strong iPhone, Mac sales

Rachel King: Spring Design debuts Google Android-based e-book reader, Alex

Mary Jo Foley: Ad agencies to DOJ: We like the Microsoft-Yahoo deal

Jason D. O'Grady: Verizon Droid ad attacks iPhone on features

Sam Diaz: Web powerhouses to FCC: We support open Internet

Dana Blankenhorn: Motorola goes all-in for Google Android

Larry Dignan: How did IT fall so far behind the tech curve?

Doug Hanchard: Success or failure equals government intervention

Andrew Nusca: Plastic Logic unveils Que capacitive touchscreen e-book reader; aims at business professionals

Chris Jablonski: 'Scaffolding' to regenerate lost or damaged bones and tissues, even stop age clock

Harry Fuller: Some prepare for Copenhagen climate meeting

Tom Foremski: Would you sell your growing startup or wait for more money?

Christopher Dawson: Clients: fat vs. thin, net vs. note

Technologizer: Virgin America Wi-Fi for Free (Thanks, Google!)

Silicon Alley Insider: Do Rajaratnam's Google Trades Really Amount To Insider Trading?

Oliver Marks: SharePoint 2010 Vegas First Impressions

Harry Fuller: Could you green the world brick by brick?

Jason Perlow: What's next after SpamWaves, WavePorn?

Dancho Danchev: Fake 'Conflicker.B Infection Alert' spam campaign drops scareware

Harry Fuller: The real-life energy battles are NOT fought in Congress

Ed Bott: Windows 7 in action: a closer look at Windows XP Mode

Harry Fuller: Kivalina lawsuit died but spawned similar claim

Doug Hanchard: StatsCan reports 10.9% decline in computer and software store sales

Dana Gardner: Speaking of SOA: Are services nouns or verbs?

Dancho Danchev: 'Evil Maid' USB stick attack keylogs TrueCrypt passphrase

Mary Jo Foley: Free Silverlight streaming service to be replaced by paid Azure-hosted service

Dana Blankenhorn: SCO story ends with a whimper

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft: Human error caused critical SMB2 vulnerability

Joe McKendrick: HR specialist asks Oracle: where's the 'fusion'?

Mary Jo Foley: SharePoint: What's coming when with the 2010 release?

Andrew Nusca: Dell Adamo XPS to have 'heat-sensing' automatic cover latch

Jono Bacon: Failure as a springboard to success

Dancho Danchev: Commonwealth fined $100k for not mandating antivirus software

Larry Dignan: Stinks to be the CIO: The 2010 IT budget may spike to 2006 resource levels

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Nine out of 10 corporate PCs can run Windows 7 ... but that's not the whole story

Dana Blankenhorn: Massachusetts becomes Canada as reform debate nears climax

Michael Krigsman: Going commando: Four signs of CRM failure

Dennis Howlett: Future ERP

Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft wins seat at health IT table

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Did 'reporters' sink Vista?

Mary Jo Foley: Testers to get Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 this week; final by March 2010

Joe McKendrick: Should SOA services be 'resalable,' versus 'reusable'?

Rachel King: How-To Photograph, Shop and Edit Tips Round-Up

Larry Dignan: Teradata unveils cloud strategy, answer for Oracle's Exadata machine

Zack Whittaker: Windows 7 puts Vista into perspective: Only a 'failure' in retrospect

Larry Dignan: Wither Silicon Valley? IT will be driven by emerging markets

Larry Dignan: Sprint acquires iPCS; Deal ends legal spat

Jennifer Bergen: Fare thee well, lovely ToyBox readers: My Top 10 favorite posts

Ryan Naraine: Mozilla blocks (then unblocks) dangerous MS .NET Firefox add-on

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft says 'steady progress' continues in Sidekick data recovery

Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft breaks Firefox

Phil Wainewright: Beware the allure of Fool's Cloud

CNET: Researchers tout 'wimpy nodes' for Net computing

ZDNet UK: IBM launches systems management in a box

Doug Hanchard: BlackBerry the choice of organized crime

Heather Clancy: New power management software targets "unused" servers

Tom Foremski: Is there an East Coast tech revival?

Dan Kusnetzky: Uptime Institute Seminar

Larry Dignan: Apple's September quarter: Expect Mac unit upside

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