News to know: Apple, G1 Twittering, RIM Storefront, Yahoo, VMWare

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Sam Diaz: Apple beats estimates; credits iPhone salesAdrian Kingsley-Hughes: iPhone and iPod sales to dateJason D.

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Sam Diaz: Apple beats estimates; credits iPhone sales

Matthew Miller: You aren't limited to just the Android Market, try Twitroid for Twittering on the G1

Sam Diaz: Yahoo meets estimates, plans to lay off 10 percent of workforce

Jason D. O'Grady: Some MacBooks shipping with loose battery covers

Christopher Dawson: Social media...dirty word or essential skill?

Sean Portnoy: Vizio rolls out four new bargain-priced 1080p LCD HDTVs

Jason Perlow: Amazon Kindle: It’s not for us, Jack

Sam Diaz: Motorola pushes secured wireless LAN into enterprise

Michael Krigsman: Denial: The secret IT killer

Dana Blankenhorn: The open source textbook conundrum

Andrew Mager: Who owns social media?

Ed Burnette: Java SE 6 update 10 is out

Heather Clancy: Double down: HP sets aggressive renewable energy goal, Dell offers some friendly advice

Janice Chen: How many megapixels do most people buy? More than you think.

Joe McKendrick: Service Oriented Architecture on $10 a day

Jennifer Leggio: FriendFeed dips its toe in the enterprise 2.0 pool

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft's "Don't Talk Like a Pirate" day
Andrew Mager: Fiber to the node vs. fiber to the home

VIDEO: Qwest CTO: Pieter Poll

Dana Blankenhorn: Suicide theories wanted

Paul Murphy: Words of Doom: "We have new software"

Dan Kusnetzky: Altor Networks security for virtual environments

Roland Piquepaille: Using light to reduce skin wrinkles?
Andrew Nusca: Zombie PCs: 'Time to infection is less than five minutes'
Jennifer Leggio: Q&A with Chris Brogan: Social media gets a sanity check
Jason D. O'Grady: Why glossy screens don't work in notebooks
Richard Koman: Rebellion within UK government over plans for massive spy database
Matthew Miller: Two new HP Windows Mobile devices appear with new keyboard options
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