News to know: Cisco's next-gen switch; Windows 7; Facebook; KDE

Notable headlines:Dan Farber: Cisco delivers next-generation switch--Nexus 7000George Ou: Mac Pro is now the cheapest high-end workstationMary Jo Foley: Windows 7: The Anti-Vista?

Notable headlines:

Dan Farber: Cisco delivers next-generation switch--Nexus 7000

George Ou: Mac Pro is now the cheapest high-end workstation

Mary Jo Foley: Windows 7: The Anti-Vista?

Microsoft delays SQL Server 2008 RTM to third quarter

Michael Krigsman: UK defense ministry loses 600,000 IDs on laptop

John Potter: Facebook unleashes wave of new development with JavaScript client library

Rik Fairlie: Are routers hazardous to your health?

Robin Harris: Cloud computing - in your dreams

Wireless auction bids hit $3.7 billion

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: KDE 4 for Windows. Gallery right.

Roland Piquepaille: Turning 2-D photos into 3-D models

Harry, the robotic bowling ball thrower

A camera in a pill to detect cancer

Heather Clancy: List hands out props for kinder, greener capitalism

The ulterior green IT motive: Extend PC lifecycles

Verdiem gives you more power over your power consumption. And, inquiring minds wonder whether power management might not be Vista's holy grail?

Harry Fuller: This time they really mean it: software saves you money

Amazon plans international MP3 service. Larry Dignan: Anyone doubt Amazon is serious about music downloads now?

Richard Koman: NSA coordinates cyberattack response

Deutsche Telekom says has sold 70,000 iPhones Larry Dignan: The case of the missing iPhones

San Francisco Chronicle: Firefox rises from ashes of abandoned Netscape.

Garett Rogers: First update for Google's theme directory

Lenovo to make and sell IBM xServers

Richard Stiennon: Another case of insider abuse

Societe Generale's problem *was* a security issue

Reckoning day for ChoicePoint?

David Morgenstern: Things that suck somewhat: Mac OS X Sheets

Dan Farber: Tech spending (naturally) taking a dip in 2008

Secrets of Steve Jobs the showman

Larry Dignan: Sears picks new online leader; Let's hope he gets the security thing

Security metrics: Is there a better way?

Ars Technica: Blu-ray smokin hot

Denise Howell: Follow-up: Build-A-Bear says it will take privacy sugge

stions to heart

Dana Blankenhorn: How open source relates to everything HP tells enterprises fear the source. Can Sun execute on its open source strategy? Who or what gets the RFID tags?

In-flight Internet: Grounded for life? Photos: Putting Wi-Fi in the sky (right)

Joe McKendrick: Survey: no SOA 'fiascos' out there, so far

Sun Microsystems: Can it grow?