News to know: Cyber attacks; Blackberry cracks; precarious PINs

Notable headlines from here and elsewhere...CNET editor James Kim and his family are missing.

Notable headlines from here and elsewhere...

CNET editor James Kim and his family are missing. Please contact San Francisco police immediately if you have any information.

U.S. government warns of an al-Qaida call for a cyber attack against online stock trading and banking Web sites beginning today.

Vista is ready for business, but security companies need more time to deliver tools that protect the new operating system.'s Joris Evers reports.

How insecure are our ATMs?'s Red Tape Chronicles reports on organized crime efforts to unscramble encrypted PIN codes. And $100 will crack your Blackberry's security, according to eWeek's Ryan Naraine.

Is Microsoft driving innovation, or playing catch-up with rivals? Dave Winer and Robert Scoble debate the question at The Wall Street Journal.

Are our kids techno idiots? High school teacher and IT admin Christopher Dawson says we have our work cut out for us.

The Software Freedom Law Center is trying to overturn a patent it says threatens three open-source educational projects.

AMD's new "4×4" Quad FX dual CPU platform is losing nearly every real-world benchmark to a single Intel CPU while consuming more than twice the electricity, reports George Ou.

Don't let go of that Wii Remote, says Ed Burnette. Nintendo issues a safety bulletin on the heels of reports of overzealous gamers and flying remotes.


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