News to know: Dell 2.0; Demo 07; Month of Apple bugs ends

Notable headlines:Michael Dell reclaims Dell CEO throne, Dell 2.0 begins.

Notable headlines:

Michael Dell reclaims Dell CEO throne, Dell 2.0 begins.

Turnaround time for Michael Dell.

Talkback: Dell is no Steve Jobs.

Dell focus.

Michael Dell Doubles Back.

Pray per post.

Joint Statement from Apple and Cisco Regarding iPhone

Daily dose of security:

Month of Apple bugs hacker signs off

Dutch botnet hackers sentenced to time served.

Skype to partner for security in the workplace

Windows Mobile flaws could crash phones.

Microsoft confirms Vista Speech Recognition remote execution flaw.

Drive-by Vista hacking.

Photos: Fuels of the future

Demo 07 roundup:

Demo 07: The empowered user

Demo 07: SailPoint adds some IQ to compliance

Barry Bonds makes a brief Demo 07 appearance.

Demo 07: Remote mobile management via 3G.

Demo 07: A 6th Sense for developers.

Demo 07: WorkLight unleashes enterprise data via RSS.

Apollo and Flex at DEMO and Expression Studio Betas.

Bill Gates' to-do list; Bill Gates' syllabus for tech and education. Vista upgrade decision flowchart.

Google roundup:

Google spends big on IT; earnings shine

Google fourth-quarter profit nearly triples

Google Checkout is a loser, really

Google Fensi: What is it?

Mossberg: Desktop Modules Help To Personalize Data, Cut Through Clutter.

My MacBook Pro Experience - Day 21 - Applying Mac updates: Is it easier than Windows?

Microsoft delivers two new design-tool betas.

Comcast splits stock.

Quick Review: Hands on with the iPhone.

Oracle walks the soft sell on future Fusion upgrades.

A Vista vs. Linux matchup -- Part 1: Leveling the Playing Field.

Building your own supercomputer.

Microsoft answers Outlook 2007 critics on rendering-engine changes

Daylight Saving Time: When clocks spring forward this year, will IT fall down?


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