News to know: Dell's tablet PC; SAP on VMware; Office Live Workspace; The transistor's birthday

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Dell launches its first tablet PC; Hopes touch boosts interest. Techmeme.
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Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Dell launches its first tablet PC; Hopes touch boosts interest. Techmeme.

VMware, SAP in virtualization support pact; Will ERP implementations become easier?

David Morgenstern: Waiting for Leopard's iSCSI support

News.com: Silicon Valley celebrates Commodore 64 at 25

David Berlind: Office Live Workspace narrows Google gap. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft’s Office Live Workspace: What it is and isn't. New 'Astoria' test build released; final set for mid-2008.

Joe McKendrick: Analyst: Microsoft Oslo part of 'tectonic shift' to business design

Ryan Naraine: What's the story with these security holes? Skype patches high-risk flaw, says sorry for not telling us.

Threat Level: Canadian ISP splices itself into Google home page.

Images: Happy 60th birthday transistor (right).

Dana Gardner: Red Hat unveils JBoss Developer Studio. Federated ESBs come to fore as natural outcome of guerrilla SOA practices.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Wii vs. iPhone - Which was the biggest hit of 2007? Linux, cheap PCs and the effect this will have on Microsoft.

Garett Rogers: Google shows real-time solar power statistics. Richard Koman: Google, CDT call for more searchable government

Larry Dignan: EDS lands $715 million outsourcing pact. Will China manufacturing costs be a tech overhang?NetSuite starts its IPO auction; broadcasts roadshow.HP thinks big about printing; Acquires NUR Macroprinters

ReadWriteWeb: YouTube ad partner program opens to all. MediaWeek: Ad buyers forgive Facebook.

David Berlind: HD displays--720p vs. 1080i vs. 1080p. Give Mother Earth the holiday gift of freecycle.org. I have.

Jason O'Grady: Apple's secret weapon: Apple TV 2.0. Dan Kusnetzky: Aqua Connect Access Virtualization for Mac OS X.

AT&T to buy core routers from Cisco.

Ryan Stewart: Scrapblog gets venture capital from Disney's Steamboat Ventures

George Ou: Can enterprise software be sexy?

Paul Murphy: Measuring green opportunities

AP: Texas Instruments updates outlook.

Matthew Miller: QuickOffice Premier 4.5 turns S60 device into a multimedia computer. Gallery (right). Try out the latest and greatest phones virtually with TryPhone

Microsoft starts offering ads on MSN Mobile

Russell Shaw: MSN Mobile to carry ads: I don't like the idea a bit; do you? Four reasons why: Skype is minor bandwidth hog compared to torrents and file-hosters

Christopher Dawson: How do I make a website?

Michael Krigsman: Denial and the coming "data meltdown"

The Engadget interview: Peter Chou, CEO of HTC

Dennis Howlett: LeWeb3: innovation in Paris

Roland Piquepaille: Looking inside our skin

Dana Blankenhorn: Social networking and the open business revolution. The Corporatenet will be a big 2008 trend. Who will mandate electronic health records?

Microsoft does ad deal with CNBC

Toshiba to join solid-state drive niche

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