News to know: Dreamforce, Chatter; AT&T-Verizon; Sony e-reader; ChromeOS; Office 2010

The opening of Dreamforce, the announcement of Salesforce Chatter and a judge's ruling on AT&T and Verizon's map spat are the top headlines

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Sam Diaz: Salesforce kicks off Dreamforce, announces Chatter

Sam DIaz: AT&T loses lawsuit over Verizon's map commercial

Larry Dignan: Sony in danger of fumbling its big e-reader shot

Dana Blankenhorn: Google-Microsoft rivalry on with ChromeOS launch

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010 public betas now available for download

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Netbook/notebook reliability study shows that technology breaks ...

Mary Jo Foley: Pivot: Microsoft's experiment to 'view the Web as a web'

Joe McKendrick: No SOAP for this Navy

Janice Chen: Digital cameras enable Web-based Spontaenous Smiley art project

Jason D. O'Grady: Gallery: Unboxing Chumby One

Dana Blankenhorn: Practice Fusion in PHR game

Brian Sommer: A Tale of Two Software Worlds: Old ERP vs. SaaS

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft shares a few tidbits on IE9 and (lots) more on Silverlight 4

Sean Portnoy: Full Wal-Mart Black Friday ad hits Internet, complete with Samsung, Sony HDTV deals

Doug Hanchard: Web and Newspaper Journalist joins FCC

Harry Fuller: California Dreamin' revisited

ZDNet UK: Intel to use EC slip-up in antitrust defense

Ryan Naraine: Mozilla locks out rogue Firefox add-ons

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft PDC Live Blog Day Two: IE, Silverlight 4.0 and more

TechCrunch: My Space Signs Agreement To Acquire iMeem

Mary Jo Foley: So where's Microsoft's Live Mesh?

Andrew Mager: Forget touch screen, just breathe into it

Robin Harris: Disks: why size means performance

Rachel King: Ultra-slim Casio EX-G1 is ready to take on some damage

Andrew Nusca: Rumored HTC 'Dragon' Google phone to spar with iPhone, Droid

Doug Hanchard: Royal Navy gets creative in attracting engineers - develop online game

LinkedIn Blog: Coming Soon: Your Professional Network within Microsoft Outlook

Dana Blankenhorn: Why electronic health records have far to go

Larry Dignan: IBM makes progress toward 'thinking' computing system

Doug Hanchard: Selling customer information leads to prosecution

Heather Clancy: UPS technology leader adds more power monitoring intelligence to latest line upgrade

Dana Blankenhorn: Where Microsoft is gaining in open source

Matthew Miller: Opera Mobile 10 beta for Windows Mobile now available

Heather Clancy: Dell shuns paper for bamboo in some packaging

Dana Blankenhorn: Competition made Microsoft open source embedded .NET

CNET: Ray Ozzie's view from the clouds

Larry Dignan: Yahoo's dwindling search share: Time to panic?

Matthew Miller: eReader for Google Android now available

ZDNet Asia: Firefox faces browser clone war in China

Dana Gardner: IBM feels cozy on sidelines as Oracle-Sun deal languishes in anti-trust purgatory

Zack Whittaker: Office 2010 Beta 2: More than just a bunch of pretty icons

Dan Kusnetzky: Pressure tactics don't always work

Rachel King: ASUS G51J 3D truly a gaming laptop; starts at $1,700

Dana Gardner: HP offers slew of products and services to bring cost savings and better performance to virtual desktops

Rachel King: Carl Zeiss upgrades F-mount lenses for Nikon

Dana Gardner: Elastra beefs up automation offering for enterprise cloud computing

TR Dojo: Common habits of superstitious computer users