News to know: Enterprise mashups; Sun goes Intel; Linux groups merge

Notable headlines:Genuine Advantage: Can Microsoft recast itself as protector, not punisher? Enterprise mashups get ready for prime-time.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Genuine Advantage: Can Microsoft recast itself as protector, not punisher? 

Enterprise mashups get ready for prime-time.

Sun is prepping to use Intel inside its x86 servers. Sun servers heading back to Intel chips.

Putting the cracking of SHA-1 in perspective. 

Apple's 802.11n accounting conundrum.

'Storm Worm' rages across the globe.

Two Linux consortia band together

Apple to charge Mac OS X Tiger users for final Boot Camp release?

Reining in the insider data threat (and USB storage devices)
Blu-ray discs now crackable too.

Google roundup:

Google Blacklist Contained Confidential Information.

When Being a Verb is Not Enough: Google wants to be YOUR Internet.
Google’s aiming to become the Starbucks of the digital universe.
Google Checkout sees poor customer satisfaction.
Controversial Google library project grows.

Google Page Creator usability increases.

Once Given Up for Dead, Comcast Defies Its Obits.

Salesforce.com's platform ambitions
Ryan Stewart: My thoughts on Expression Session 07. The Man Behind Microsoft's Expression.
Pronto.com shopping search emerges in IAC: CEO Interview.

Spam is back, worse than ever

Vista SP1 is due in the second half of 2007, after all. 

Microsoft Considered IPod Rival, Apple Partnership.
Retailers Hope Windows Vista Boost Sales.
Microsoft to use comics in antipiracy campaign.

Windows Vista Content Protection - Twenty Questions (and Answers).

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Limited Numbered Signature Edition (seriously).

Hackers Attack Gorbachev's Web Site

Photos: Boeing's new way to fly.

SOA is the answer… what was the question again?
EverNote 2.0 beta adds Advanced Image Recognition technology.
The untold part of the iPhone story and FairPlay to get fairer?

IBM plans to jump into social-networking battle.
Toyota's lessons learned on solar power.

IBM code to go aloft with NASA space telescope.

Big Media’s Crush on Social Networking.

Gawker Shuffles Its Editors, Again, Amid Increased Competition for Gossip.

Three Questions for Peter Horan: New Google Deal Next Year.
The Science of Human Enhancement.

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