News to know: Firefox 3.0 flaw; Windows 7; IT failures; HP

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Code execution vulnerability found in Firefox 3.0Dancho Danchev: A security company wants you to DDoS its serversTom Steinert-Threlkeld: Alabama's Broadband TideMary Jo Foley: Will Google deliver its own dynamic language runtime?
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Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Code execution vulnerability found in Firefox 3.0

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Alabama's Broadband Tide

Mary Jo Foley: Will Google deliver its own dynamic language runtime?

Michael Krigsman: 15 non-technical reasons IT projects fail

Idaho Statesman: Hewlett-Packard keeps mum on whether Boise can expect layoffs

Heather Clancy: Green IT: Exploring the midsize-company dynamic

Phil Wainewright: Authoria challenges some SaaS mantras

News.com: Microsoft looks to nab Yahoo workers

Dennis Howlett: LinkedIn, Technorati, FireFox 3 and Slideshare: we all fall down

Paul Miller: Powerset brings semantic Wikipedia search to the iPhone

Images: Futuristic PCs trump the beige box

TechRepublic: Podcast: Fujitsu thinks solid-state drive benefits are more hype than reality (for now)

Dana Gardner: HP burnishes vision on how products support both applications and data center lifecycles

Dan Kusnetzky: Virtualization slapdown: clusters versus virtual machine technology

Jennifer Leggio: MySpace answers questions about redesign and reputation

Silicon Alley Insider: YouTube Shifts Strategy, Tries Long-Form Video

Jason Perlow: Pondering Apple in a post-Jobs world

Nate McFeters: Finjan uncovers half a gigabyte of stolen data on crimeware servers

Matthew Miller: Xohm WiMAX service to launch in Baltimore in September 08

TechOn: Survey: 91% of Japanese Will Not Buy ‘iPhone’

ABCNews: Will GPS Make Us Dumb?

Larry Dignan: Verizon FiOS goes 50 Mbps across U.S.: Should I upgrade?

Andrew Nusca: Want XP on your new Dell? $50, please

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The day after Download Day

Zack Whittaker: Will students replace notebooks for handhelds?

Ryan Stewart: Analytics in rich Internet applications and measuring success

Tom Foremski: Can Silicon Valley's San Jose find its way?

Roland Piquepaille:Robotic Humvees in the sky?

Dana Blankenhorn: Fennec future tied to Android and LiMo

Richard Koman: Call for new privacy law

Steve O'Hear: Reddit: open source not special sauce

Microsoft buys TV ad firm Navic

Social networking on the 'New York Times'

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