News to know: Firefox 3 coming; TomorrowNow shakeup; HP; Kindle

Notable headlines:Paula Rooney: Firefox 3 Beta 1 to be released.Larry Dignan: SAP: TomorrowNow for sale, execs resign.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Paula Rooney: Firefox 3 Beta 1 to be released.

Larry Dignan: SAP: TomorrowNow for sale, execs resign. Dennis Howlett: TomorrowNow in turmoil: quo vadis 3PM?

Ed Bott: Are you prepared for holiday PC repairs? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: PCs - How low can they go?

Ed Burnette: From Shrek to jet engines, supercomputers prove their mettle.

Dan Farber: Are Amazon and Apple on a digital content collision course?

Josh Taylor: Hands on with the Kindle: This ugly duckling has potential. Matthew Miller: Is the

Amazon Kindle going to be a monthly fee nightmare? Larry Dignan: Amazon's Kindle: Can it make its technology invisible? Gallery: Unboxing the Kindle (right). Techmeme.

Will e-books ever be a best-seller? HP: Outlook on target; solid results throughout.

Michael Krigsman: Negotiation tips for CIOs.

Garett Rogers: Google Maps gets wikified.

U.S. lawmakers urge Google-DoubleClick deal scrutiny Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows Update could do with a UI tweak. Could Boot Camp be a bad thing for Apple?

Mary Jo Foley: Testers get Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate build. More holiday goodies for testers: SQL Server 2008 November CTP is out.

George Ou: Is it ethical to turn on wireless security for an open access point?

Roland Piquepaille: 100 gigabits per second over copper? Ryan Stewart: What's driving adoption of rich Internet applications?

Christopher Dawson: Running a recycling drive? Be careful Dana Blankenhorn: Final version of GPL Affero license is out. Mainsoft solves SharePoint trap.

Gallery: Dinosaur sightings: Lotus Symphony 3.

Jason O'Grady: Apple collecting iPhone user data. Uneasy Silence evidence.

Digital Daily: Windows Vista: The ‘Eh’ Starts Now. David Berlind: Yesterday, Slashdot asked 'What if TinyURL goes down?' Today, it's down (and it hurts). Within days of Taser International going on defensive due to one death, another 3 men die. For content providers of any size (even you), Bango button offers frictionless push to mobiles Techmeme: The death of the Internet...in 2010?

Computerworld: Q&A: Intel's CTO sees computing's future in multicore machines.

Marc Wagner: Strike another blow to Education IT Larry Dignan: The online health revolution and your DNA: It's a trust issue.

Russell Shaw: Seven reasons why using the Internet from your hotel can be a pain in the ...

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