News to know: Google Docs Presently; Windows 7

Notable headlines: Google Docs to support Power Point presentations soon. Google prepares "Presently.

Notable headlines: 

Google Docs to support Power Point presentations soon. Google prepares "Presently."

Dell to cut bonuses, trim management.

Gootube Terrorizes Copyright Owners by Withholding Filters.

VMware takes virtualization downstream

Zero-day #5: Beware of (unexpected) Excel files. IE 7 gives secure Web sites the greenlight.

Connecting the dots on Windows 7.

Glitch hampers Vista family pack option. Microsoft: Valid Vista Family Discount keys on the way.

Microsoft’s ‘Scout’ search app goes underground.

Applefew weeks away’ from updating iTunes for Vista

The Great Vista/Mac showdown: Hardware is where customization begins and ends. The unboxing.

Help Find Jim Gray With Web 2.0.

Bird flu is coming.

A Long-Delayed Ad System Has Yahoo Crossing Its Fingers.
Yahoo at 3pm: New reason to Yahoo?

Finetune - The next generation of online music with Apollo and Flash.

Faux Super Bowl ads.The real thing.

Super Bowl stadium site hacked, seeded with exploits.

Rowling: No E-Book for Harry Potter VII.

LinkedIn’s chief executive steps down.

Online Ad Sites Challenge Google, Yahoo.

An early spring for AMD?

Apple legal set sights on PocketMac.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt loves the word very. I remember getting a chuckle from Schmidt's earnings call musings, but unfortunately I didn't do anything with it. Jeff Matthews did. And he isn't making it up.

Joe Biden has 226 MySpace friends: Can he connect?


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