News to know: Google-DoubleClick-Clear Channel; Adobe video; Web 2.0 Expo

Notable headlines:Ubuntu's 'feisty' spin on virtualization.Microsoft gives bar codes a splash of color.

Notable headlines:

Ubuntu's 'feisty' spin on virtualization.

Microsoft gives bar codes a splash of color. Gallery (left).

Dan Farber: adds Flex to Apex platform. Web 2.0 Expo: Changing the face of the desktop.

AP: Google, Clear Channel Ink Long-Term Deal.

Robin Harris: Apple's new kick-butt file system.

Selling stuff online? Here comes the IRS.

Intel set to showcase China operation. HP selects processor from Via for China PC. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: AMD's recipe for recovery? A dash of DRM. John Spooner: Intel (and Microsoft) in your hip pocket.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft prunes its Windows Live line-up.

Review: Mavizen MyBlu (white at left). Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (right).

Ryan Stewart: Flash Player 9 has 84.3% penetration as of March.

Google buys DoubleClick coverage: Get ready for the fallout. Donna Bogatin, Dan Farber and Mary Jo Foley on the deal. News story.

WSJ (subscription required): Google's rivals seek antitrust scrutiny of DoubleClick dealDonna Bogatin: Microsoft to Google: Play fair with your billions.

Apple unveils new Final Cut Studio 2. Engadget: Apple keynote.

Dan Farber: Web 2.0 Expo--a preview. Spock's alpha people network. Mathe

w Ingram: Twitter, Ustream — how much is too much? Techmeme.

How To Manage Windows Vista Application Compatibility. MSDN: There's an awful lot of overclocking out there.

Ryan Naraine: How to turn off RPC management of DNS on a large scale.

Cisco patches Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. Storm Worm strikes again. Naraine: 'Storm Worm' surge exposes AV deficiencies.

Photos: Searching for Earth-size planets (right).

Computerworld: Eight Ways to Reduce Your Data Center Storage Costs.

Joe McKendrick: Why not sell SOA as 'internal' SaaS?

Ryan Stewart: Comcast jumps into Flex 2 for media content. Curl relaunches into the Rich Enterprise Application space.

Garett Rogers:
Google Checkout now available in the UK.

eWeek: Oracle to Announce 'Project X' Integration Framework.

Photos: NASA meets Burning Man at Yuri's Night (right). AP: Branson, Rutan team up in space race.

Computerworld: Apple hoi polloi annoyed at Leopard delay. Globe & Mail: Vista on your Mac? Not so fast.

Andrew Keen: Iconoclasm in the global village.

Fun and profit with obsolete computers.