News to know: Google in focus, jumps gun

A look at the headlines of the has a commerce engine coming...

A look at the headlines of the day: has a commerce engine coming...12 months from now. Thanks for the heads up, but wake me up in a year.


A protoype image of the AppStore Checkout payment terms screen

David Berlind ponders whether Google is using its own AdWords system against its customers. Donna Bogatin looks at click fraud. Meanwhile, Google rips off Yahoo's IE7 page.

Texas Instruments trimmed its financial outlook for the fourth quarter. Idles plants in a bleak mid-quarter update.

Windows development chief: 'I would buy a Mac if I didn't work for Microsoft' Speaking of Apple. Are iTunes collapsing?

HP's analyst meeting is today. Preview here.

Microsoft's security is front and center amid another zero-day attack.
Meanwhile, Windows could have  a security liability. Is security really Vista's selling point?

2006 Web technology trends.

Intel chip research focuses on memory cells.

Wallop: Seeding a social network.