News to know: Google; Microsoft; eBay; SAP; Apple

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Google’s second quarter: What to expect Deb Perelman: The Techie Hall of ShamePhil Wainewright: How much is a unit of cloud computing?

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Google’s second quarter: What to expect


Deb Perelman: The Techie Hall of Shame

Phil Wainewright: How much is a unit of cloud computing?

Dancho Danchev: Ringleader of cybercrime group to be offered a job as cybercrime fighter

Garett Rogers: New version of Gmail iGoogle gadget

Photos: Solar players show off their wares (right)

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft opens up Live Mesh to more testers

Dennis Howlett: SAP pulls the trigger on higher support costs

TechCrunch: Is This The Future Of Search?

Sam Diaz: eBay beats expectations; calls PayPal a 'gem' and Skype a 'killer' app

Can AOL make or break the Microsoft-Yahoo deal? Mark your calendars.

Dana Blankenhorn: How good is open source support? Open source college revolution?

Review: HTC Touch Cruise (right)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple wants Psystar to snatch back Mac clones from customers ... and other thoughts

Dana Blankenhorn: Is a wired hospital a better hospital?

TechRepublic: SolutionBase: Enterprise considerations for Microsoft Network Access Protection

Paul Miller: Yahoo! SearchMonkey Developer Challenge illustrates diversity

VentureBeat: What the hell happened to Kleiner Perkins?

AppleInsider: Apple passes Acer to become third largest U.S. PC vendor

Paul Murphy: Dreams come true: network guy holds city hostage

Heather Clancy: Sun Exec: Your 'Eco Data Center' doesn't have to cost millions. Some tips for getting there.

Photos: Game on at E3 (right)

Larry Dignan: Apple extends MobileMe subs after rocky launch

Ed Burnette: Beta version of Hello, Android book is out

Kingsley-Hughes: The myth of Windows 'Workstation' 2008

Andrew Nusca: Toshiba ups capacity of 2.5-inch notebook drives to 400GB

Matthew Miller: Samsung OMNIA coming to Italy on 22 July

Techdirt: Lawyer Sues Google For Putting His Ads On Parked Domains

Steinert-Threlkeld: Voting For A McCain

Nusca: DISH Network launches satellite, promises more HD channels

Ars Technica: Library of Congress: DRM a serious obstacle to archiving Why it matters what Chad Hurley watches

Intel faces new antitrust charges in Europe: report

Dan Kusnetzky: Transitive's magic - Solaris/SPARC Apps and Hyper-V

Paula Rooney: Ounce Labs finds 2 security vulnerabilities in Spring framework

Seagate: Demand is swell, but we're playing catch-up on notebook drives