News to know: Google phone; Apple-Nokia; SAP; Oracle-Sun; JooJoo; Microsoft

Google phone, Apple's countersuit against Nokia, the Crunchpad/JooJoo lawsuit and Microsoft's consumer business are at the top of the headlines.
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Andrew Nusca: Google to launch unlocked Nexus One Android smartphone in 2010; disrupt mobile industry

Oliver Marks: Future Differentiation of 'Social Media' from Collaboration

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple countersues Nokia over iPhone patents

Heather Clancy: SAP gets into the sustainability act with new management dashboard

Doug Hanchard: EU wants Microsoft to testify on Oracle-Sun merger: Why?

Sam Diaz: Lawsuits - and mud-slinging - begin in CrunchPad/JooJoo dispute

Mary Jo Foley: Analyst: 'It is game over for Microsoft in consumer'

Michael Krigsman: Cloud economics: The importance of multi-tenancy

Robin Harris: Linux kicks Microsoft back

Rachel King: Nokia 5235 Comes With Music arriving in early 2010

Michael Krigsman: Managing death-march projects

Joe McKendrick: You can't beat the dead SOA horse

Harry Fuller: Nature: no free lunch...have we learned this lesson?

Sean Portnoy: Who would pay for a $1,000 HDMI cable?

Andrew Nusca: Google to launch unlocked Nexus One Android smartphone in 2010; disrupt mobile industry

Chris Jablonski: Manhattan Beach Project to reverse aging by 2029

Jennifer Leggio: Quick'n'Dirty Podcast: Lucky No. 25 brings Plantronics to listeners' ears

Jason Perlow: Happy Chanukah, and Live Long and Prosper

Paul Murphy: An open letter to Larry Ellison

Matthew Miller: Sony rolls out EPUB content, makes B&N nook transition easy and international

Heather Clancy: Is this LED hotel a thing of beauty or frivolity?

Harry Fuller: Canada, tar sands and global warming

Larry Dignan: Schmidt's privacy flap and Mozilla's potential revenue diversification

Harry Fuller: Hot, and getting hotter

Joe McKendrick: Sun's last SOA hurrah? New releases of Java EE, NetBeans, Glassfish

Harry Fuller: It's show me the money time in Copenhagen

Heather Clancy: Wind winds up the year big with agreement for $2B Oregon project

Doug Hanchard: DOJ vs. Google: Will it happen? Unlikely - as government would lose

Heather Clancy: More Green IT trend data, this time from McKinsey

Larry Dignan: Your turn: The decade's most annoying Web developments

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Are iPhone users suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome"

Dana Blankenhorn: What makes telehealth work?

Harry Fuller: Carbon emissions, and burn, baby, burn

Rachel King: FCC approves Acer Liquid A1; probably headed for AT&T 3G

Mary Jo Foley: Tips and tricks for navigating the Microsoft licensing morass

Forrester: Office 2010's June release: Time to strategize - and segment

Mary Jo Foley: The rumors were right: Microsoft buys management vendor Opalis

Doug Hanchard: Canadian government overrules CRTC, allows Globalive to offer mobile services

Ed Burnette: Dell unable to meet demand for Christmas, blames parts suppliers and elves

Paula Rooney: Microsoft, Red Hat announce open source releases in same week

Michael Krigsman: SAP Business by Design: Taming the multi-tenant beast

Dana Blankenhorn: Red Hat adds SPICE to your open source holiday

CNET: Yahoo tweets real-time search

Rachel King: No, no, no: the Hello Kitty DK-133KT LCD TV

Dan Kusnetzky: AT&T Responds

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