News to know: Google storage; More Firefox 3 betas; Home grown all in one PCs

Notable headlines:WSJ: Google plans service to store users' data.Paula Rooney: Mozilla plans 2 more Firefox 3 betas, ~500,000 copies of beta 1 downloaded to dateJeremy Allison: What I learned from my buggy code.

Notable headlines:

WSJ: Google plans service to store users' data.

Paula Rooney: Mozilla plans 2 more Firefox 3 betas, ~500,000 copies of beta 1 downloaded to date

Jeremy Allison: What I learned from my buggy code. Who should bear the burden of de-fanging botnets?

Richard Stiennon: Hacking for profit. SEO techniques.

Ed Bott: Five secrets to faster Vista starts

George Ou: The $363 19-inch dual-core all-in-one LCD PC. Gallery (above right).

Paula Rooney: JBoss, Apache founders engage in war of words on the web.

Michael Krigsman: Lost UK National Health Service (NHS) data found! Larry Dignan: Latest QuickTime bug leaves XP, Vista vulnerable. Apple acknowledges some MacBook hard drive problems.

David Berlind: Tech Shakedown: Kodak's Web site charging outrageous per-photo shipping fees.

Christopher Dawson:  Anyone out there using Twitter in the classroom?

New tool from MIT makes online lectures genuinely useful

AppleTell: Top 15 Leopard Hints.

Photos: Holiday tech gifts we don't recommend (right).

Dan Farber: HP debuts Automated Operations 1.0.

Mary Jo Foley: What's on tap for Windows Live Messenger 9? Add Siberia to Microsoft's datacenter locale list.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Vista SP1 benefit will be stability and reliability, not performance.

Ryan Stewart: Zoho Writer opens up read AND write offline functionality. Offline editing comes to Zoho Writer.

The decline of Black Friday. Techmeme on Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

Photos: When tech tunes your guitar (right).

Dana Blankenhorn: There are two enterprise markets. Dennis Howlett: Applying the transparency taste test.

Larry Dignan: External drives: The hot gift this season? Robin Harris: How smart is SMART?

The Engadget Interview: Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility.

Richard Koman: Feds seek cell positioning data without warrants ABC News reaching out to Facebook users? Good luck, guys.

Chris Matyszczyk: Is Facebook banking that you're a beacon of egomania? Steve O'Hear: Facebook's Beacon and the need for social networking literacy.

Matthew Miller: Nokia N95-1 firmware updated with demand paging capability.

Roland Piquepaille: A supercomputer to design better plants?

Alcatel says has $1.1 billion in China deals.

Tech design with thought.


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