News to know: Google vs. Mozilla; SaaS renewals; Microsoft; Cloud computing

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Garett Rogers: Google delivers another blow to MozillaWSJ: Google wants its own fast trackGoogle ditching network neutrality?

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Garett Rogers: Google delivers another blow to Mozilla

WSJ: Google wants its own fast track

Phil Wainewright: SaaS and the renewal question

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Internet Explorer users under attack

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft datacenter architect defects to Amazon

Ryan Naraine: IE zero-day attack surface expands

Photos: Top-rated reviews of the week (right)

Garett Rogers: Chrome loses it's beta, gains leverage

Mark Cuban: What Yahoo Should Do

Larry Dignan: Handicapping cloud computing: The big picture

Dennis Howlett: HP joining the club of enterprise schizophrenics?

The Future of Things: 2009 - SSD Year of RevolutionSean Portnoy: Wireless HD standards battle for supremacy

NYT: Advertisers Face Hurdles on Social Networking Sites

Oliver Marks: Riot Tagging

Larry Dignan: Intuit nixes TurboTax prep and printing fees for additional returns

Jason O'Grady: Financial realities of the App Store -- in real numbers

Boy Genius Report: New Nokia patent introduces an interesting new form factor

Joe Brockmeier: Herding cats for fun and profit: Four tips for working with online communities

Roland Piquepaille: Ultra-sensitive camera to measure planet sizes

Andrew Nusca: Move over, Psystar: EFi-X USA to sell Mac OS X-capable PCs

Heather Clancy: Lease yourself some green blades or storage

WSJ: FCC Head Cancels Vote on Free InternetMatthew Miller: Great tips for using your cellphone as a smartphone

Photos: Searching the heavens for lifeAT&T completes Wayport purchase; Almost done with Starbucks Wi-Fi rollout

Christopher Dawson: Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail they said could stop the BlackBerry

Dana Blankenhorn: MRI scans are too routine

Photos: Creative Zen accessoriesKrigsman: IT failures town hall: Jan 7 in Boston

Richard Koman: Transitioning NASA: Tensions high between Griffin, transition team

Does Alcatel-Lucent really get Web 2.0 religion?

In the "What the hell were they thinking" department...

Downturn may turn techies to crime, say reports


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