News to know: Google's malware issue; Dell; Facebook Beacon; Zoho

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Dell hopes to generate 'product lust' following mixed earnings bag. Joshua Greenbaum: Dell Buys the SaaS Platform Salesforce.

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Dell hopes to generate 'product lust' following mixed earnings bag. Joshua Greenbaum: Dell Buys the SaaS Platform Wishes it Had.

Ryan Naraine: FBI crackdown nabs 8 botnet herders.

Google SEO poisoning: The saga may continue. Google looking for anti-malware help.

Dan Farber: Working Webware: Can Zoho get a good share of the SMB market?

Steve O'Hear: Facebook apologizes for spoiling Christmas, but Beacon's here to stay. Phil Windley: Linking online personas. Dan Farber: Facebook Beacon update: No activities published without users proactively consenting. Techmeme.

Study: 'Huge jump' in Microsoft flaws since last year. World faces 'cyber cold war' threat, report says.

Photos: Lightning strikes on Venus (right). David Morgenstern: Developers come to the ‘rescue’ of Leopard’s Stacks, Dock. Jason O'Grady: Office:mac 2004 on life support.

Matthew Miller: Mobius Amsterdam 2007: Windows Mobile present and future, welcome to the HTC MAGIC Labs.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft readies early preview of new parallel-computing tool. Exchange Server 2007 SP1 to be downloadable November 29. It could be a long wait for Windows Mobile 'Photon'.

Broadband Reports: 20% of Comcast Users To See DOCSIS 3.0 in 2008.

Ryan Stewart: Blist: A Flex data

base/spreadsheet in the cloud. Gallery (right). Big changes in the Silverlight roadmap. Exploring the Silverlight 2.0 "go-live" license.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: AMD's Quad FX platform is dead.

Russell Shaw: Skype's future plans may include sampling, selling of eBay digital content. The three reasons why 3G iPhone won't matter that much.

Joe McKendrick: Survey: SOA and the 'second life' of mainframes

Roland Piquepaille: Wearing a computer to work.

Dana Blankenhorn: Are mobile Torrents the first big trend of 2008?

AMD expects chip pricing to stay competitive. Robin Harris: The best Windows storage isn’t on Windows.

Larry Dignan: Google nixes malware attack.

AT&T chief: 3G iPhone soon--will iPhone demand freeze? Techmeme.

George Ou: Updated sub-$400 all-in-one dual-core LCD PC images. Gallery right.

Dana Blankenhorn: Political and scientific values in health care debates.

Heather Clancy: Energy audit services for green-conscious Texans.

Matthew Miller: Verizon Wireless announces 4G wireless future and openness makes much more sense now.

Wired: Why You Can't Get Your Hands on a Wii