News to know: HP tinkers with Moore's Law; Meet WikiSeek; Vista discounts

Notable headlines:Can HP fool Moore's Law?Microsoft to offer Vista ‘Family Pack’ discount for Ultimate users.

Notable headlines:

Can HP fool Moore's Law?

Microsoft to offer Vista ‘Family Pack’ discount for Ultimate users. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes' MacBook Pro experiment. Also see the gallery.

Cisco/Apple: The dog that did not bark in the night. Cisco lost rights to iPhone trademark last year, experts say. Cisco answers.

Can Intel Face The Competition? Intel earnings on deck.

Sun's Fortran replacement goes open-source. Taking the plunge into open source.

FBI warns of twist in extortion phishing scam.

Do The Tech Watchdog Groups Need Watching?

Senators aim to restrict Net, satellite radio recording.

Why you need a SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus.

In the long weekend, long debate department:


Apple's iPhone was a big topic of discussion. iPhone won't be open to third party developers. Meanwhile, Apple is bullying bloggers again. Here's Apple's legal love letter to MoDaCo.

The remaining question: Does the iPhone really have to be open to give consumers what they want? Techmeme discussions here and here.

Why does the iPhone get so much hype when more capable devices are already available?

Hackers looking forward to iPhone.

iPhone will/won’t support Javascript and Flash. Will the iPhone legitimize Ajax applications?

Apple to impose 802.11n unlocking fee on Intel Mac owners.

Apple TV might obsolete the x86 appliance market.


The Ever More Diversified Face of IT. Swimming in the Global Talent Pool.

Verizon increases SMS rates -- customers now free of their contracts.

Wikipedia Search Engine WikiSeek Launches.

Apple, DreamWorks, and Yahoo! One-Dollar A Year CEOs?

Online Astronomers Seek Out New Worlds. 

The role of the desktop in Rich Internet Applications. 

Wow, more Google XSS problems.

Sun Solaris gets new partitioning feature.

Skype founders name new video start-up Joost.