News to know: HP vs. Dell; XP support; Web celebs

Notable headlines:HP accused of spying on Dell's printer plans.Vista reviews: Basic, Home Premium, Business.

Notable headlines:

HP accused of spying on Dell's printer plans.

Vista reviews: Basic, Home Premium, Business.

Microsoft-Wiki flap boils over. Techmeme discussion. Like Richard Stallman never edits the Wikipedia entry on the GPL.

S. Korean addiction to ActiveX stalls Vista adoption.

Photos: So many home wireless standards, so little time.

XP gets a new lease on life. Microsoft extends support for XP Home, XP Media Center.

Microsoft to launch Vista with human billboard.

Forbes: The Web Celeb 25.

Tech earnings:

AT&T quarterly earnings rise on Internet, Cingular

Nokia Nails Quarter.

EBay net rises, auctions improve. Skype dissapoints, eBay mulls $2.6bln cash horde. Skype fiscals prove it’s not the phone calls, but the services.

Symantec woes spur spending diet

Qualcomm income up, keeps outlook.

SAP doubles down on the mid-market.

Is AMD’s business modelfundamentally broken’?

Did Microsoft flag 500,000 innocent Windows users as pirates?

The CTO: IT's Chameleon.

Boeing ends Dreamliner wireless network.

Must vendors wait for standards?

Yahoo: We trump MySpace, Facebook.

SecondLife: Revolutionary Virtual Market or Ponzi Scheme?

Web startups and the abyss. Web 2.0: Bubble or healthy competition?

Photos: In the shadow of 'Star Wars.'

U.S. military needs wikis, video sharing, defense expert says.

Mac Tablet Distributor Recruits Dealers.

Competition planned for new crypto standards.

Is Apple Out to Kill Tivo?

In search of killer threaded apps.

Google expands video ad test.