News to know: HP zero days; IE patches; Missing Mac apps; Microsoft service packs galore

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: IE gets a Patch Tuesday makeover. Microsoft bulletin.

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: IE gets a Patch Tuesday makeover. Microsoft bulletin. Zero-day flaw haunts HP laptop models.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft releases public test build of Vista SP1

David Morgenstern: Uncovering the missing Mac OS X applications

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft starts rolling out public XP SP3 test build. Office 2007, SharePoint 2007 service packs ready for download. New Windows Live Messenger build works on 'almost all' phones.

Robin Harris: A simple storage device that saves lives

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The most disappointing products of 2007. Janice Chen: Best

digital cameras to buy yourself (part 1)

Photos: 3DV's depth-sensing camera (right).

Larry Dignan: HP: Blade, enterprise printing and channel happy. HP sets 2009 targets; Says its IT revamp ‘halfway there’. HP’s Hurd: Digital content will force enterprise IT overhaul.

The secret of IT transformation: It’s all about the CEO stupid. Survey: One in 3 IT projects fail; Management ok with it. Dennis Howlett: Checking the pulse of enterprise social computing. IT transformation - it's about destroying fiefdoms.

Dan Farber: What CIOs really want.

Amazon enters alternative payment game; invests in Bill Me Later.

Publishing 2.0: Why I stopped using Twitter. Techmeme.

Christopher Dawson: Parting thoughts on the Kindle for students. The Latitude XT - Finally, a Dell I actually want

AT&T: U-verse TV service to pass 30 million homes by 2010

Garett Rogers: New holiday iGoogle theme on the way

Red Hat delays new software for PCs until January

Ryan Stewart: Microsoft Volta - a cool new RIA technology

Joe McKendrick: Ruby on Rails picks REST; no tears for SOAP

Chris Matyszczyk: AskEraser takes on Google, Yahoo and Jason Bour


Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The RIAA is NOT saying that ripping your CDs is illegal. Techmeme.

Photos: Shedding light on solar thermal Free Vista Ultimate (for your privacy.

Russell Shaw: Friendster debuts Developer Platform- but where are the voice APIs? Steve O'Hear: LinkedIn wants to be more than a glorified Rolodex - adds new sticky features

Dana Blankenhorn: Is Linux enough for open source medical advocates? Paula Rooney: Projity exanding open source, Saas attack against Microsoft Project

Michael Krigsman: How would you make an enterprise software blog sexy?

Jason O'Grady: How Universal Music lost touch with their customers

Sony chief says sales untouched by shaky U.S. economy

Will taxes halt Calif.'s solar thermal ambitions?