News to know: IE 8; 50W dual-core PC; Oracle; NetSuite; Dell snafu

Notable headlines:George Ou: Hitting 50W peak on a dual-core desktop computerMary Jo Foley: Internal Microsoft IE 8 build passes the Acid standards test. MSDN blog.

Notable headlines:

George Ou: Hitting 50W peak on a dual-core desktop computer

Mary Jo Foley: Internal Microsoft IE 8 build passes the Acid standards test. MSDN blog. Opera: Acid or no, its Microsoft antitrust complaint goes forward

Adrian Kingsley Hughes: First Look at Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 Odd Firefox system requirements recommendation

David Morgenstern: Parallels, VMware Fusion, Boot Camp battle in real-world tests

Larry Dignan: Oracle delivers strong fiscal second quarter results. Dennis Howlett: A great day for Larry Ellison

Ed Burnette: Dell blames Citi, India call center for order snafus

Dell adds Ubuntu 7.10 to its lineup

Robin Harris: OLPC: the best designed notebook in the world

Janice Chen: Best gifts to buy for someone who already has a digital camera (part 1). Gallery (right)

Bloomberg: Google's DoubleClick buy to get approval

Michael Krigsman: Twitter is dangerous. Dennis Howlett: Twitter is useful

Phil Wainewright: NetSuite auction doubles IPO price

Adobe contributes virtual machine to Mozilla's Tamarin project

AppleInsider: Mac OS X 10.5.2 to deliver sprawling list of features for Leopard

Garett Rogers: Google Airwaves Inc among list of 700mhz bidders

Security Roundup:

Dan Farber: Lloyd Taylor: LinkedIn's 'scaling guru' tackles the social graph

Facebook finally breaks out Friend Lists Techmeme.

Can social networking co-exist with the workplace?

Dana Gardner: A logistics and shipping carol: How online retailers Alibris and QVC ramp up for holiday peak delivery

Russell Shaw: Verizon Business announces several new IP services

FAQ: New Energy Act gets green light

ArsTechnica: Developing for Google Android, it's a mixed bag

Microsoft lands Viacom as ad partner Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft 'officially' announces XP SP3 public test build

Widgets are the new ad kid on the block

Matthew Miller: 2nd impressions of the HTC Touch Dual Don't like DRM, then look to Neuros to free your digital content

Zumobi brings a fresh experience to Windows Mobile

Dana Blankenhorn: Can HiTrust bring electronic health records forward?

What will be the health care headlines of 2008?

Battle for the network will mark 2008

Busybox takes another step up GPL protection ladder

Paula Rooney: Ulteo plans free and paying subscriptions for

online OpenOffice service

Sun launches backline OpenOffice support for distributors, OEMs

Steve O'Hear: Facebook accuses UK politician of impersonating himself

Images: Autographs via LongPen (right).

Graphene-based transistors on the way?

Jason O'Grady: Apple releases patch for MacBook keyboard deafness

Joe McKendrick: Conventional IT wisdom shattered: more top 10 SOA posts for 2007

Russell Shaw: New charger extends iPhone, iPod battery life by several hours

Joost launches NBA channel

PCWorld: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft settle gambling charges

IAC in Web video deal with Brightcove

An Apple fanboy's lament