News to know: Insecure security; Windows Live suite; AMD exit

Notable headlines:David Morgenstern: The real question about Mac security. Ryan Naraine: Trend Micro, Zone Labs, ClamAV join list of insecure security products.

Notable headlines:

David Morgenstern: The real question about Mac security. Ryan Naraine: Trend Micro, Zone Labs, ClamAV join list of insecure security products. Richard Stiennon : Not Constantinople. Again!

Mary Jo Foley: Bill Gates seeks patent for ad-rebate program. Windows Live suite debuts ... on cell phones.

AMD's sales chief to leave company Dan Farber: AMD marketing and sales chief Henri Richard departs.

Jason O'Grady: AT&T simplifies printed iPhone statements. iWork review.

David Berlind: Inside one PC buyer's mind (aka: A message for Michael Dell, Microsoft and other PC makers). George Ou: The high definition format wars heat up. Ars Technica: Reasons financial and technical lurk behind Paramount's HD DVD coup.

Google Earth gazes into deep spa

ce. Garett Rogers: Google turns Google Earth into a telescope. Russell Shaw: As Google Sky debuts, I discover "Google Universe" is taken. Good Morning Silicon Valley: And wait til we launch the Street View rovers. Techmeme. Gallery (right).

Reuters: Intuit names new CEO, reports quarterly loss.

Russell Shaw: Avaya, Cisco, Nortel tech chiefs on enterprise IP telephony apps in the oven. New call center solution unveiled for Skype.

Dennis Howlett: Simplifying the enterprise: the next big thing.

Google's Mayer talks iPhone, Facebook

Techmeme: The YouTube ad saga.

Dana Blankenhorn: Yahoo buys while Google and open source build. Contradictory trends abound in hospital messaging.

Freakonomics: The Last Word (for Now) on Our RSS Feed: An Excruciatingly Long and Boring Post That Will Please Exactly No One.

Heather Clancy Collins: Sun's bid to save the planet (or at least make data centers more efficient).

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Dell's problems isn't down to paint, it's communication. Larry Dignan: Dell: Fancy laptop colors are harder than they look.

Michael Krigsman: Stop enterprise software hype: send me your stories.

Denise Howell: Changing the way we find, reference, and talk about the law.

Joe McKendrick: SOA folks, call the BI department ASAP. Matthew Miller: Mail for Exchange adds Tasks synchronization, but still no subfolders. JDSU Profit Rises.

CIO Sessions: John Payne, San Francisco International Airport.

Reuters: Google CEO says mobile auction bid still probable.

Roland Piquepaille: Evanescent lasers to speed up data transmission.

IDC: Chip sales to show middling growth in 2007.

Photos (right): Tech reconnects Peru earthquake victims.

Enterasys aims to secure enterprise VoIP.

Poll: Facebook banned by half of employers

Survey finds increasing uncertainty over offshoring

SharePoint brought in to rescue Aboriginal language