News to know: Interop; Anti-spam technique; Google goes biotech

Notable headlines:Promising antispam technique gets nod.Larry Dignan: Google goes biotech, invests in 23andMe.

Notable headlines:

Promising antispam technique gets nod.

Larry Dignan: Google goes biotech, invests in 23andMe. Google invests $3.9 million in biotech start-up.

Red Hat CEO decries software patents. Mary Jo Foley: New Microsoft-funded study finds developers don't want GPL to cover patent deals. Microsoft: No plans to sue over Linux patents.

Review: T-Mobile Wing (left).

Interop '07:

Dan Farber: Media literacy in a media saturated world.

Microsoft to expand Fargo operations. M

icrosoft on aQuantive: Think merger, not acquisition. Gallery (right): Set up S3 sleep state in Vista for significant power savings.

Computerworld: Encryption: Do It Today or Pay Tomorrow. Music industry offers deal to small Webcasters.

House passes more tech-friendly antispyware bill.

Ryan Naraine: Google's anti-malware team

comes out of the shadows.

AP: Sony May Sell 80-Gig Playstation 3 in US.

Photos: Bright lights, big billboard. Russell Shaw: Stealing Wi-Fi signal; Five years? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Dell's not really serious about Linux.

Donna Bogatin: MySpace to Facebook: WE have the friends, and money.

Google CEO on Education: Google Search is key. KDE Project Ships Seventh Translation and Service Release for Leading Free Software Desktop.

Photos: New evidence of water on Mars.

Cisco to buy video surveillance company.

Jason O'Grady: Apple not the only PC vendor making bogus display claims.

Intel, STMicro to form new flash company.

Larry Dignan: How Red Hat is monetizing JBoss.

New solar technology hits snags.


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