News to know: iPhones relocked; Vista SP1 gallery; Facebook; DEMOfall 07

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Apple to nuke unlocked iPhones with next update. Garett Rogers: Google launches 2 apps for the iPhone.

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Apple to nuke unlocked iPhones with next update. Garett Rogers: Google launches 2 apps for the iPhone. Russell Shaw: Nine steps to (hopefully) re-lock your iPhone. Techmeme.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: First look at Windows Vista SP1 (build 6001.16659). Gallery (right).

Mary Jo Foley: Windows Server 2008 RC0, Vista SP1: Back together again.

George Ou: Why OLPC mesh wireless networking won't work. Christopher Dawson: Laptops are not a luxury... Larry Dignan: Can IBM bolster self-service kiosks?

EchoStar to buy Sling Media for $380 million. Techmeme roundup.

Microsoft sets pricing on Office 2008 for Mac.

WSJ: Microsoft Is in Talks To Buy Facebook

Stake. Larry Dignan: Microsoft reportedly eyeing Facebook stake. Techmeme. NY's 'Halo 3' launch was no riot, but it was close.

Review: 'Halo 3' an amazing package. Images: Locked and loaded for 'Halo 3' DemoFall 07: Dan Farber: SceneCaster: 3D media creation and sharing for the masses. Attendi offers a social twist on search.

LongJump debuts Web applications catalog. Fluid Innovation bets on Virtual Ventures. Dana Blankenhorn: Qumranet builds proprietary desktop on open source kernel. Larry Dignan: Building a data center circa 2007. Computerworld: The Grill: Microsoft CIO Stuart Scott on the Hot Seat.

Ryan Naraine: Storm Worm botnet numbers, via Microsoft.

Dan Farber: The Google express train. Garett Rogers: Gmail Mobile was updated today. David Berlind: Are multiple global forces conspiring to knock Microsoft's other foot off the cliff's edge?

Jason O'Grady: Apple needs a thinbook in the lineup. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Steve Jobs proves you can't please all the people all the time.Russell Shaw: Woz: iPhone price drop was "too soon, too harsh" Forbes: Stealing Clicks.

TechCrunch: Pownce vs Digg: Who Will Kevin Rose Back? Mary Jo Foley: Yahoo, WPP join Microsoft in questioning Google-DoubleClick merger.

George Ou: Finally a reasonably cheap 80 Plus power supply.

Washington Post: Contractor Blamed in DHS Data Breaches. Larry Dignan: DHS security

flap swirls around Unisys. Study: Businesses falling short on data disposal. Joe McKendrick: IT may carry the water for SOA for some time to come.

Photos: Want to be an astronaut? Apply now (right). Larry Dignan: Dell pairs up with China retailer.

CEOs, Ted Turner, Larry Hagman gather for solar fest.