News to know: Isolating zero-day exploits; CelebriMiis; Microsoft's virtualization backtrack

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: New MS tool isolates Office 2003 zero-day exploits. Hackers in Seattle for Microsoft's Blue Hat, ToorCon.

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: New MS tool isolates Office 2003 zero-day exploits. Hackers in Seattle for Microsoft's Blue Hat, ToorCon.

Apple plugs critical holes in Darwin Streaming ServerCybercrooks add QuickTime, WinZip flaws to arsenal.

Red Hat launches open-source Exchange.

Larry Dignan: Are Zimbra and Alfresco on Red Hat's shopping list?

Apple's Jobs brushes aside backdating concerns.

Photos: A cybercat for the Digital Age (right).

Google shareholders vote down proposal on censorship.

Microsoft cuts Windows virtualization features.

Mary Jo Foley: 'Viridian' virtualization features on ice.

Computerworld: Left coast perks: Big-city culture offsets the big-ticket housing prices for these Best Places to Work.

Factory City: Thoughts on Mozilla. Ryan Stewart: Think of the platform, not the browser.

Images: Wii create CelebriMiis (left).

New York Times: Facebook to offer free classifieds.

Andrew Keen: Bubbe is back. Should Jeff Jarvis debate Andrew Keen?

Survey: Open source makes a difference for SOA.

Garett Rogers : Google Analytics designers forgot some things.

Google sees mergers big and small

Shrinking the cost for solar power.

At USC, developing game coders. Gallery (right).

Intel, PGP cooperate on selling encryption products. Tom Foremski: Intel's embedded anti-malware could help business and consumer.

Review: Nikon Coolpix P5000 (left).

Bloomberg: Vonage Says It May Have Way Around Disputed Patents.

Gallery: Reduce repetitive formatting for Access objects (right).

House committee endorses SSN limits, antispyware effort.

Search Engine Land:
Don't Sweat the Small SEO stuff.

Politicos take on YouTube, video's future. Donna Bogatin: NY to Google: Stop trapping consumer data, or no DoubleClick merger.

RIM plugging into your business' PBX.

Concern but little action over 'green IT' so far
. IBM unveils energy efficiency plan.

Zune to get wireless downloads, version 2 hardware, flash player.

Larry Dignan: New Apple patent hints at two-sided touch screen devices. Jason O'Grady: Intel's Santa Rosa destined for MacBooks. Gallery (right).


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