News to know: L.A. goes Google; AMD-Galleon; Cisco-ScanSafe; Ubuntu; Amazon RDS

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.:

Larry Dignan: WSJ: AMD's former CEO was a Galleon tipster

Sam Diaz: Cisco continues its buying spree with ScanSafe acquisition

Christopher Dawson: Yes, Ubuntu can absolutely be the default Windows alternative

Sam Diaz: L.A. votes to "Go Google"; pressure shifts to Google and the cloud

Larry Dignan: Amazon launches relational database service: Think MySQL in the cloud

Ed Burnette: What's new in Android 2.0? Part 1: User features

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple pitching media companies on tablet?

Sam Diaz: Document rental service brings "deep web" content to the mainstream

Jason Perlow: Congratulations B&N, you've built my Kindroid. So now what?

Ed Bott: Dear Microsoft: What's the deal with Windows 7 upgrades?

Matthew Miller: Roku adds 2 new players, including the HD-XR with 802.11n support

John Morris: More laptops combine Core i7, Windows 7

Christopher Dawson: What does the Nook need to be Ed Tech's e-book holy grail?

Sean Portnoy: Is HDTV turning Americans into hockey fans?

Tom Foremski: Stunningly poor quality predictions about the future Internet from Google's CEO

Techcrunch: Yahoo To Launch Real Time Search, Too

Mary Jo Foley: SharePoint: The team that makes the donut(s)

Heather Clancy: The paper chase: Intralinks calculator tracks paper saved, emissions diverted

Dancho Danchev: New LoroBot ransomware encrypts files, demands $100 for decryption

Mary Jo Foley: Why is Microsoft opening up its Outlook file format now?

Oliver Marks: John Hagel on Real Time, Social & Mobile Web

Harry Fuller: Another flashpoint in global warming warnings

Wall Street journal: FCC Considers Shifting Some TV Airwaves to Broadband

Doug Hanchard: Banks and auto sector got bailed out, are telecom providers next?

Tom Foremski: CultureWatch - traditional cafes or cafe office-spaces?

Harry Fuller: You can only convince some of the people some of the time

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft makes final version of Windows compatibility toolset available

Harry Fuller: List of the smart grid grants

David Morgenstern: ZFS on Snow Leopard? Forget about it!

Dancho Danchev: Gawker Media tricked into featuring malicious Suzuki ads

Ryan Naraine: Malware ads served from Gizmodo blog

Jennifer Leggio: 2010 Predictions: Will social media reach ubiquity?

Larry Dignan: IBM aims to connect corporate mashups and business intelligence

Chris Silva: Why mobility will - and does already - matter to IT

Garett Rogers: Use Google Voice with your existing phone number

Dennis Howlett: SAP regaining its mojo?

Ryan Naraine: Facebook password-reset spam is Bredolab botnet attack

Tom Foremski: Can you teach programmers to be journalists?

Harry Fuller: Could Congress head off action by EPA on emissions?

CNET: Microsoft drops 'Family Guy' special

Larry Dignan: Will a flu pandemic really bring down the Internet?

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source nanotech project launched

Dana Blanknehorn: Carper option in final Senate health bill

Heather Clancy: CA amps up energy management, sustainability monitoring applications

CNET: US Defense Department to partially lift flash drive ban

Harry Fuller: Smart grid grants

Rachel King: ZDNet readers don't care about celebrity endorsements

CNET: Xerox prints computer smarts on fabric, plastic

Dana Blankenhorn: Will OpenSolaris survive Oracle?

ZDNet Asia: Net pioneer GeoCities finally laid to rest

Dana Blankenhorn: Black Duck finds its business makes sense

Dan Kusnetzky: Examining datacenter operations with Akorri BalancePoint