News to know: Meebo; IBM; Gmail 2.0; PS3 supercomputer

Notable headlines:Robin Harris: Build an 8 PS3 supercomputer.IBM aims to salvage silicon for solar industry.

Notable headlines:

Robin Harris: Build an 8 PS3 supercomputer.

IBM aims to salvage silicon for solar industry. Gallery (right).

Michael Krigsman: What's the value in enterprise software? Dan Farber: Meebo joins the season of platforms. Tom Foremski: Battle for social app developers breaks out as Meebo offers rev share. Garett Rogers: New version of Gmail starting to roll out. Techmeme.

Phil Wainewright: A pain in the -aaS. Mary Jo Foley: When will Microsoft drop the other health-service shoe? ODF infighting could help Microsoft's OOXML.

Ryan Naraine: The anti-spyware market that never existed is officially dead. Microsoft privacy guru's site hacked.

George Ou: Intel's new 3.0 GHz quad 45nm QX9650 uses less than 65 watts.

Leopard Launch:

David Morgenstern: How much do you LOVE Mac OS X Leopard? Leopard Poll 2: Thumbs up or down?

Jason O'Grady: Leopard gotcha: Filemaker.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:Time Machine - Part I: Is it as good as Apple wants us to believe? Gallery (right) .

Larry Dignan: BEA's stance on Oracle deal. Dana Gardner: Time appears on Oracle's side in increasingly spooky BEA bid. Dennis Howlett: Gartner comments on Oracle reorg, misses golden opportunity.

TechCrunch: Google’s Response to Facebook: “Maka-Maka

Paula Rooney: Red Hat, GroundWork Expand Alliance.

Bogus FTC e-mail has virus. Obama pledges Net neutrality laws if elected president. FAQ: What the daylight saving shift means to you.

Computerworld: Ethics in IT: Dark secrets, ugly truths -- and little guidance. Infoworld: The perils of dirty data.

David Berlind: What's worse? The spam itself? Or how anti-spam solutions block legitimate mail?

Negroponte: Windows key to OLPC philosophy.

Roland Piquepaille: Displaying handheld data on a table.

Heather Clancy: Forrester's prescription for green IT. India data center deploys HP cooling technology.

Joe McKendrick: ITILizing SOA: Latest release of best practices has SOA written all over it.

Dan Farber: The next big thing: User-contributed metadata.

Variety: Zucker says Apple deal rotten.

Photos: X Prize rocket rally in New Mexico (right). X Prize Cup rocket competition flames out.

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source glass half-empty or half-full?

Ryan Stewart: Akamai and Fios work the download angle on HD video. Verizon shows FiOS, Wireless gains.

Dan Kusnetzky: Challenges of lifecycle management of virtual systems.

Walgreens to introduce DVD-burning kiosks.