News to know: Metasploit; CS3; Yahoo Mail's storage; Linux hates Ed Bott

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Metasploit 3.0 ships with 177 exploits, 104 payloads.

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Metasploit 3.0 ships with 177 exploit

s, 104 payloads. Gallery: Metasploit reloaded (right).

Yahoo Mail to offer unlimited storage. Techmeme discussion.

Guest blogger Christopher Lochhead details customer service in "Click here to access our broken Web site, press one to be ignored."

Phil Wainwright: How does Twitter not make money?

Donna Bogatin: Click Fraud: Yahoo pledges quality, what about audits?

FBI chief blames computers for privacy flap.

Ed Bott: Why does Linux hate me?

Mitch Ratcliffe's Great Vista/Mac Showdown: Desktop convergence. Vista vs. Mac blog focus.

Sexy Machines -- Yeah Baby!

Microsoft trying to make Vista iPod friendly. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft offers Wall Street more details on Vista sales. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: 20 million Vista licenses equals a lot of unhappy customers. Microsoft releases handful of Vista bug fixes.

Sun relaunches Sparc chip business. Ian Murdock: Making Solaris more like Linux. Robin Harris:  Sun storage: changing of the guard or clearing the decks?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft PowerShell to make it into Longhorn Server, after all.

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry adds APIs to support third-party apps. Larry Dignan: Windows Mobile may threaten RIM.

Gallery (right): Adobe Photoshop 3 comes alive. Jason O'Grady's live Adobe CS3 coverage. His gallery.

George Ou: Adobe ‘no64′ Photoshop CS3 launches.

Newsvine: Hacking John McCain.

Larry Dignan:
Can Best Buy be your IT shop? Techmeme discussion.

Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Elite. Channel 10 video of Xbox 360 Elite. Mexico tries swapping Xboxs for guns in drug fight.

Ryan Stewart:
Apollo is not a browser, stop the comparisons.

WSJ: Do viral Web video campaigns pay?

David Berlind: Road testing two Bluetooth-based speakerphones.

Gallery (right).

Ed Burnette: Adobe Apollo is dead on arrival.

Symantec pumps up Windows Mobile protection.

Dan Farber: Cloud services adopting Microsoft’s multi-headed platform model.

eWeek: WPF/E to Star at Microsoft's Mix 07 Show.